Developed Company Website

After taking a web design course in high school, I knew I could add value to our company, Zip Mailer Inc., with a new website. I was given a blank canvas to design, develop, and publish the website to the internet. I used the Adobe DreamWeaver program to create each page and style it accordingly. In the process, I learned how to manage the web host (where the website lives), publish the pages via FTP (file transfer protocol), and manipulate images. In addition, I learned about website contact forms, form verification, SEO (search engine optimization), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and much more.

Old Website

The old website was aging quickly so I developed a new mobile friendly version of the site.

It was built with Responsive Web Design in mind so it can look great on every device whether it is a desktop or a smartphone. Feel free to visit the site and resize the window to see the website adapt. Or you can just visit the site on your mobile device!

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