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PowerBI Supplier Spend Dashboard – Aggregate Data From Folder of Excel Files
Kitchen Sync. Chaos Organized – A mobile-first kitchen timer webapp. Give your microwave & oven timer a break!
Food Inventory – A database to keep the chest freezer closed
Earnings Calls Web Scraper for Microsoft Excel – Keep track of upcoming earnings calls for publicly traded companies
Split The Bill Restaurant Calculator – A device responsive webapp coded in angular
Breakeven Point Calculator – Find the point where your sales cover the expenses of your new business. Then, the profit…


  • Cuban Pork Shoulder In Oven at 300F with Total Seasoning (Sazonador Total) by Goya
    Roasted pork shoulder is a staple for Cubans on Christmas Eve (Noche Buena) or anytime of the year. A bone-in pork shoulder and some total seasoning (sazonador total) is the simple combination that will have your children licking their plates and make your dog jealous. The Problem: As kids grow, […]
  • PowerBI Supplier Spend Dashboard – Aggregate Data From Folder of Multiple Excel Files
    The Problem: A need for a solution to gain high level visibility of categorized quarterly spend to manage suppliers more effectively. Make informed decisions by analyzing spend, improving sourcing efficiencies, and increasing savings. The Solution: Let’s reconcile spend in an interactive PowerBI dashboard that aggregates categorized company spend provided by […]
  • TV Screen Black – Power Works – Nothing On Screen – Fix Sharp Aquos LC-50LB261U Backlight
    The Problem: The screen on my 5 year old (conveniently out of warranty) Sharp Aquos LC-50LB261U LED TV won’t light up. After pressing the remote or the power button on the left side of the TV, the blue light comes on but the screen remains black. “TV is getting power […]
  • Excel Error 0xc000142 – Trouble Opening Microsoft Office 2016 Excel and Word “EXCEL.EXE Application Error. The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)”
    The Problem: Microsoft Office tried to update itself this morning and wouldn’t complete the process. Instead, Windows threw the error “EXCEL.EXE Application Error. The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)”. Fantastic. We can’t open Microsoft Excel/Word for a mail merge and a client deadline is approaching. After some digging, […]
  • Web Scrape Multiple Earnings Call Dates From Yahoo Finance Using Excel (No Coding Involved)
    The Problem: Yahoo finance shut down their stock data API in 2017. We can no longer make GET requests for stock information from their API. Investors, competitors, the media, and even procurement departments follow the earnings calls of publicly traded organizations. We are looking to automate the retrieval of the […]
  • Auto Update Website Footer Date with JavaScript
    The Problem: Every year the footer of your personal or company website will need to be updated. It would be a waste of your time and you would risk breaking your code if you needed to update every single webpage to type “2020” in the footer of the page. This […]
  • Food Inventory
    ADD ITEM OUT OF STOCK: Update or Delete Item (Login Here) I customized the WordPress plugin “Participants Database” to Create, Read, Update, and Delete food items. Anyone can add items but a WordPress login is required to update or delete food items.
  • Split The Bill Restaurant Calculator Coded in Angular
    Choose How To Split: Select an optionSplit EvenlyAllocate Per Person ‚Äč This calculator will split the amount due evenly. It doesn’t allocate per person. If someone ordered multiple items, add them up and input total in corresponding person. 1st Person 2nd Person 3rd Person 4th Person {{ firstItem + secondItem […]
  • Calculate Semester Final Grade with VLookup, IF Function, and Conditional Formatting
    A VLookup in excel is a function that “vertically looks up” a provided value and provides a corresponding lookup value to the right of it. VLookups are great for looking up additional information about a product based on a SKU number, UPC, or a unique ID number. They can also […]
  • Add Navigation Dropdown Menus in WordPress with BootStrap v4
    I decided to consolidate some of the links in my navigation bar at the top (header) of my site. This eliminates the need for individual web pages that are full of links. Essentially, you will get to where you want to go quicker with less scrolling. Mobile device users will […]
  • Migrate website to WordPress Content Management System
    I migrated my website to the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) so it would be easier to add new web pages and I enjoy a good challenge. Beforehand, I would have to code each static page in HTML and style it to my liking. When there are only a couple […]