Continuing Education

  • Javascript

Data types, functions, loops, and control flows are a few projects that I’ve worked on with JavaScript. I can make websites interactive with JQuery.

Examples of my JavaScript code:
Breakeven Point Calculator

  • Web Design

I have been able to brush up on my HTML and CSS skills at Codecademy. Originally, I was introduced to web design through Adobe DreamWeaver in high school. I utilized my web design skills in Adobe DreamWeaver to design, develop, and deploy a website for our company, Zip Mailer Inc.
Adobe DreamWeaver is a great program to learn the ins and outs of website design from conception to establishing a web presence on the internet.

The old website was aging quickly so I developed a new mobile friendly version of the site. It was built with Resposive Web Design in mind so it can look great on every device whether it is a desktop or a smartphone. Feel free to resize the window and watch the website adapt.

I have been able to learn Responsive Design, Javascript, JQuery, SQL, Linux/Unix Based Command Line, and Python scripting at Codecademy. Through responsive design, I learned to create websites that are visually appealing and adapt to various devices (e.g. laptop, smartphone, ipad, etc.).
I learned to communicate with databases using SQL (Data manipulation, queries, aggregate functions, and multiple tables). Through UNIX/Linux-Based Command Line, I learned to navigate, view, and modify the file system. Redirect input/output, and configure the environment without a mouse.

This website is a showcase of these skills. I used the program Notepad++ to code and edit this site. The CSS file (Cascading Style Sheets) is responsible for the overall look and feel of this website. It eliminates redundant code in each individual webpage (e.g. font color). In the file, I have commented what each element is responsible for. The copyright notice at the footer of the page uses Javascript code to display the current year. This eliminates and automates the need to edit each individual webpage at the beginning of every year. In addition, I setup a contact form on the “Connect” page so visitors can easily send me an e-mail message directly from my website. This was accomplished with a FormMail PHP script.

Also, I added a security “ReCaptcha” that will verify that you aren’t a spambot before sending a message. This prevents spam and abuse of the contact form and my website.

My Codecademy profile:

  • Technical Support

I was lucky to have a computer mentor at a very young age. Our family business hired a technical support expert. I was able to learn the DOS command line to play games and navigate Windows 3.1. Windows 95 came along and I was watching broken processor and case fans being swapped for new because of the massive amounts of paper dust that travels through our direct mail warehouse. Windows 98 created a bold and curious young kid who dismantled these production grade computers. I have been the go to computer technician for the last 15 years.

I have performed tasks such as RAM swaps/upgrades, failing power supplies, motherboard swaps/upgrades, malware removal, hard drive cloning, and data recovery. Zip Mailer Inc. has saved tens of thousands of dollars on technical support costs and even more on production time that wasn’t lost to computer downtime.

I am currently working toward a CompTIA A+ certification (IT Certification) to showcase these skills.